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Disabled Rider Custom Trikes And Bikes For Sale, Built To Suit Your Needs!

Tell us what you are looking for, what price range, and we will see what we can do for you!  We work with builders across the USA and around the world, and we can also have yours modified to a trike or customize your bike or find a used bike to modify to give you the ultimate ride.

                     Contact Us To Discuss Yours At 573-552-0090 USA

                                                                WE EXPORT!!!

Disabled Rider Products Shopping In Our Online Store
Freebird Custom Motorcycles Brand Of Electronic Shifters & Dual Brake Systems

Pingel Electric Shifters (clutchless & footless)

Mystery Designs Trike And Conversion Kits
Champion Trike Kits
Grandeur Automatic Clutches
  No Clutch Lever Operation Needed For Harley-Davidsons

Handicapped, Physically Challenged Motorcycle Adaptation Modifications Parts And Assemblies, email for requests or call us

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